Cream part of the month I May

Dance through May with beautiful spring accessories! All #muslinscarves are on sale this month.

Colorful accessories from the Dutch label STICKY LEMON

Great personalities

...who were all very small once but had big dreams.


Partner look sets for new parents


I bought the Mini scarf for my little one and I am absolutely thrilled. Very nicely packaged, so unpacking is fun. The scarf is of great quality, very soft and a nice color. I also think it's great that the scarf was made in Germany by people with disabilities.

Caroline R

"Wonderful children's things in great colors and made with high-quality, fair materials. Last year I bought the birth gifts for all new babies here and the feedback has been consistently positive!"

Maria H.

"Great products that are designed and sold with love by great power moms. The crackling cloth is simply a hit with every child, that's why we love giving it away."

Metta G

This is my first time at MatschmitSahne ordered and I am very enthusiastic. Treated us to new cloth napkins. The napkins are exactly the right size, are color and dimensionally stable when washed at 40 degrees and, above all, are soft cotton.

Ulrike K.

Finally the vaccination certificate and U-booklet have a nice cover. I can literally hear the oohs and aahs of the pediatrician's office hours 😄 Thank you for making an ordinary everyday thing so beautiful! I am thrilled ♥ ️


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