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Team Geborgen
Team Geborgen
Team Geborgen

Angelite • Amethyst • Clear Quartz



Even if you feel insecure and alone on some days or you are very scared of something - there is someone who will not leave your side and always looks out for you. You can't see him, but he is always with you: your guardian angel. Your Angelit should always remind you that there is a guardian angel. Together with the amethyst and the rock crystal, he is the Safe and Secure team. Whenever you feel completely lonely or you long for someone to put their protective hand over you, your Safe and Secure team is there. The three together envelop you and give you protection and security. . You're not alone! You can feel safe and secure. 


Die Glücklichsteine

Every member of the Glückstein family is as unique as you are. Large or small, colorful or monochrome, with glitter or without, angular or round, with dents or without - each stone exudes its very own super power and enjoys sharing it with you to share and to support you with small everyday tasks as well as on your whole life.

What's in the box
Each stone is a unique natural product and therefore varies in shape, color and size. Just like us humans, they are therefore genuinely unique. Your lucky stones come in a small bag and come with cards on which you can find all the information about your new companions. 


The lucky stones are not a medical product and are therefore in no way a substitute for medical advice or help. Nevertheless, we are convinced of the positive energy of the various stones and believe that they can support us and our children in everyday life, even if this has not yet been scientifically proven.

Safety Instructions:
Attention, not suitable for children under 3 years, stones can be swallowed.


Team Geborgen
Team Geborgen
Team Geborgen

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