Protective cover for your child’s medical records booklet


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U exercise book cover with pretty free space to enter your name yourself!

Every child is unique and follows their own individual path.

However, until they’ve reached their seventh birthday, they all have to be examined in regular medical checkups to monitor their development. These appointments are called well-child checkups (U-Untersuchungen in German).

It goes without saying that here in Germany, you get a booklet in which all your child’s steps in their development are recorded. In the hospital, the booklet is handed over to you. Unfortunately, it’s not very pretty and quite impersonal.  

We think that’s a no-go! :) This is why we’ve designed some colorful covers that are timeless and simple, but yet perfect for kids, to give this important document the unique look it deserves. 

Anna Katharina Jansen, a brilliant illustrator, helped us achieve our goal. For this new product, she has contributed the design, which was created especially for us. Do you like Doctor Ostrich? We love him!


Once you’ve received it, simply put the new cover around the booklet and enjoy its new pretty look. In the following years, you’ll be delighted about your new companion every time you bring it to your child’s checkups. Of course, the cover is also a wonderful gift.

To celebrate a baby’s birth or baby’s first birthday, it’s a beautiful gift because it’s personal and accompanies the child in the years to come.

Extra cream: also with ours Protective cover for your vaccination certificatethe vaccination certificate can still be inserted into the appropriate compartment at the back!


Suitable for German U booklet: Dimensions 21cm x 15cm - please be sure to measure, as foreign models may differ

Would you like to customize the cover?

No problem! Simply select the product in the shop customizable U exercise book cover out.

Please note that your individual case will only be printed after we have received your payment. The dispatch takes place usually after 5 working days at the latest. 

Paper: PlanoJet® 
Grammage: 160 g / m²
Envelope: fits any German well-child checkup booklet, includes three parts and an additional pocket for the Certificate of Vaccination and health-insurance card.

Note that customized products can’t be returned or exchanged.





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