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Kette Funsize Leo
Kette Funsize Leo
Kette Funsize Leo

Watch out! Now it will BOLD!

These statement necklaces for adults come from the Dutch label's manufactory Studio Bim Bam. With a passion for graphic shapes and a unique eye for color, each polymer bead is hand formed, patterned, oven baked and then polished by Emma (Bim) and her sister Julia (Bam). Each piece is unique! By the way, the two designers themselves lovingly say about their necklaces: a playful and graphic piece of chest art.

We'll sign that right away promise you, these necklaces turn plain-colored shirts and sweaters into real eye-catchers in a matter of seconds.

Cream of the crop:
Each necklace comes to you in a specially sewn, colour-blocked-style fabric case. More #cream part is hardly possible!


Product information
4mm thick ribbon (Fun Size: +/- 65cm)
handmade polymer beads

Kette Funsize Leo
Kette Funsize Leo
Kette Funsize Leo

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