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The simple all-rounder made of the finest cotton muslin is an absolute must-have on the playmat.

No wonder that the crackling cloth gives so many hours of joy, because after all, there is a lot more to discover besides the crackling experience: the front and back are designed in two colors for the optical eye-catcher, and a small loop is provided for sharpening the senses and motor skills , a thick braid, a fascinating monkey swing and a wooden ring are responsible.

Whether on the play mat, the changing table or in the car - the fluffy crackle cloth is a guarantee against boredom. And if the day comes when it suffers too much from spit or pulp stains, you can carefully clean it by hand at a maximum of 30 ° C. Thanks to all these properties, the scarf is also a perfect gift for parents-to-be. 

Our crackling cloth complies with the safety guidelines for children's toys of the EU and is therefore marked with the CE label. Please note our safety instructions. 

Cream of the crop:

All fabrics and materials we use are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 / product class 1. That means the little ones can come into contact with it without hesitation. The wooden ring is untreated and comes from sustainable forestry in Austria. The processed cotton cord is made especially for us in Germany and is also certified according to Oeko-Tex.
By the way, each of our products with #matschlove is made by hand and is therefore truly unique.